Enjoy historical, high-quality Japanese tea!

- Tea plantation tour, tea manufacturing process introduction, tasting experience -

Tour features

This is a long-established tea farm that has won many awards both domestically and internationally, and you can enjoy the charm of the tea farm with all five senses, such as the vast tea fields, historic architecture, and tea-making sites!

◆Tea plantation tour

A relaxing time where you can feel nature in the middle of a tea plantation.
You can learn trivia about tea while looking at the tea fields that change with the seasons.
Good tea comes from good fields. Please experience the charm of tea that can only be felt by knowing the fields.

◆Kura and factory tour

Built over 90 years. You can see the history of Yoshida Tea Garden and the architecture that symbolizes Japanese culture. Old buildings are difficult to build these days, and the number of them is decreasing year by year.
At Yoshida Tea Garden, the storehouse and factory, which are over 90 years old, are still in active use, although they have been repaired.
Take a look at the buildings of Yoshida Tea Garden, where traditions and techniques have been passed down through generations.

◆Tasting experience

▽Green tea
Did you know that you can change the taste just by changing the way you brew it? You can fully enjoy the secrets and charms of green tea that can only be made at a tea garden with a Japanese tea instructor. Why is green tea said to be good for the body? You can learn about the "why" behind green tea while experiencing how to brew it and tasting it.

▽Japanese black tea
It will definitely be useful for choosing tea in the future! You can experience an authentic tasting that can only be done by tea farmers who produce Japanese black tea! A full-fledged tasting to not only enjoy the deliciousness of the tea, but also to see the ``character'' of the tea. Using special tea utensils not found in regular shops, you can have the same experience as tea farmers do.

Tour flow

  • ①Reception→Welcome tea

    Please present your reservation completion email at the time of reception to complete your reservation. After checking in, you will enjoy welcome tea.

  • ②Video introduction of manufacturing process

    Watch the video to see the tea manufacturing process at Yoshida Tea Farm.
    We will explain the flow of tea making, from picking the tea leaves to the processing process.

  • ③Tea plantation/workshop tour/introduction to how to brew tea

    You will see a tea plantation and a workshop where tea is manufactured. In How to Make Tea, we will introduce the best way to brew each type of tea.

  • ④ Enjoy comparing 6 types of drinks!

    You will be able to taste and compare 6 types of tea carefully selected from our garden's specialty teas. Please try searching for your favorite tea.

  • ⑤Dissolution

    This is the end of this tour. Please be careful when returning home.

Usage fees and various information

  • Number of users

    It can be used by a minimum of 1 person and a maximum of 5 people.

  • *cancellation policy

    6 days ago: 30%
    1 day before: 50%
    On the day: 100%

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Tour meeting point


1181 Otsumi, Koga City, Ibaraki Prefecture 306-0236

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