Yoshida Tea Garden

A historic tea garden with a history of over 180 years in Japan

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History of Yoshida Tea Garden

Introducing some of the history of Yoshida Tea Garden

A tea farm that has continued for over 180 years

Yoshida Tea Garden is a historic Japanese tea garden (in Ibaraki) that was founded in 1839. Over 180 years since our founding, we have been making carefully selected teas for 6 generations and delivering them to many customers. The photo above was taken at our garden in 1921. In Koga City, Ibaraki Prefecture (Sashima tea production region), we carry out all operations from tea cultivation to tea manufacturing and sales. We started producing Japanese black tea in 2012 and have won awards at domestic and international contests. Currently, it has been ranked number one in Japan for five years in a row.

Introduction of the owner

Introduction of the 6th generation owner of Yoshida Tea Garden

Masahiro Yoshida, 6th generation owner of Yoshida Tea Farm

Born in 1969. Graduated from Tokyo University of Agriculture. Regardless of the field of tea, we are always interested in ``one-of-a-kind'' items. Things that have been passed down from generation to generation, even though their forms have changed little by little in Japanese culture. Things that are born in the midst of the changes of a new era and that continue to evolve. It has been loved for a long time, and even as the years pass, its charm does not fade and becomes even more brilliant. We put this thought into our tea making, and the tea we make becomes more sophisticated and reaches greater heights with each passing year. We will continue to take on challenges with the aim of producing ``one-of-a-kind'' tea.

The charm of Yoshida Tea Garden

Three things that Yoshida Tea Garden values ​​when making tea

  • Sixth industry

    At Yoshida Tea Farm, we have established an integrated system from tea leaf production to final sales, and experts in each field work with enthusiasm to deliver the highest quality tea to everyone.

  • soil preparation

    At Yoshida Tea Farm, we prepare the soil by adding organic fertilizer and compost to the tea fields. In addition, Yoshida Tea Farm's tea is produced using unique soil preparation and tea manufacturing techniques that take advantage of Sashima's temperature differences.

  • history

    Yoshida Tea Farm is a long-established tea farm that was founded in 1839 and has won many awards both domestically and internationally. You can enjoy the charm of tea plantations with all five senses, such as vast tea plantations, historic architecture, and tea-making sites.