Tea from Yoshida Tea Garden

Introducing the characteristics of Yoshida Tea Garden's tea.

  • Green Tea

    Yoshida Tea Garden's green tea is characterized by its rich flavor, which comes from the difference in temperature in Sashima, and its refreshing lingering aftertaste.

  • Japanese black tea

    Yoshida Tea Farm's black teas, including the legendary variety "Izumi," are characterized by their rich, floral and fruity aromas and aftertaste.

  • Herb tea

    Yoshida Tea Garden's herbal tea uses organic herbs and has a pleasant aroma that helps you relax.

Green Tea

"Sashima tea" has been around since the Edo period

"Sashima tea" is a historical tea that was first exported to the United States from Japan 150 years ago.

Izumi is a rare variety of tea that was developed over 60 years ago for export, but has been forgotten by the tea industry over time. Thirty years ago, the owner of our farm was fascinated by Izumi, which has a variety of expressions, and began cultivating it as he saw its potential as a fermented tea.

Enjoy the rich aroma and deep flavor of tea leaves grown in the fertile land and temperature differences.

Characteristics of Sashima tea

Characteristics and charms of Sashima tea

Two characteristics of Sashima tea

① Rich Tea leaves thicken to protect themselves from the cold, giving them a richer flavor when made into green tea. The satisfaction you get from drinking this tea is unique to Yoshida Tea Garden.

②After drinking the tea, the refreshing feeling that fills your mouth fills your mouth with satisfaction and makes you feel refreshed.

Japanese black tea

A fragrant and gorgeous Japanese black tea made using a unique method

A unique and unique ``Japanese black tea'' that uses varieties suitable for green tea. The tea is carefully made by hand, producing high-quality, aromatic, and gorgeous Japanese black tea in small quantities.

Our Japanese black tea is produced using a unique method that combines the Chinese method of making Phoenix monoplex and India's Darjeeling method.

Our carefully selected Japanese black tea has been highly acclaimed both domestically and internationally and has won various awards, including Izumi.

Characteristics of Yoshida Tea Garden's black tea

Characteristics of Yoshida Tea Garden's black tea compared to other teas

Two characteristics of Japanese black tea

①Fragrance The elegant scent is so rich that it is hard to believe that it is made from tea leaves, and gently wraps the hearts of those who drink it.

② Richness Just like high-quality wine, the flavor deepens as time passes, creating a special moment for those who drink it.

Herb tea

Herbal tea from Yoshida Tea Garden

Characteristics of herbal tea

Utilizing the knowledge of a medical herb coordinator, we gently support the mind and body of those who drink it by creating blends tailored to the purpose.

Our original blend, which also uses homemade herbs grown freely with the blessings of sun, soil, and water, will enrich your daily life with its gorgeous scent and fresh colors.

A herbal tea that can be enjoyed with all five senses.