How to choose tea

We will help you choose tea

  • Green Tea

    Yoshida Tea Garden's green tea is characterized by its rich flavor, which comes from the difference in temperature in Sashima, and its refreshing lingering aftertaste.

  • Japanese black tea

    Yoshida Tea Farm's black teas, including the legendary variety "Izumi," are characterized by their rich, floral and fruity aromas and aftertaste.

  • Herb tea

    Yoshida Tea Garden's herbal tea uses organic herbs and has a pleasant aroma that helps you relax.

How to choose green tea

“Sashima tea” has been around since the end of the Edo period.

"Sashima tea" is a historic tea producing region that was first exported to the United States in Japan 150 years ago.

Izumi is a rare variety of tea that was developed over 60 years ago for export, but has been forgotten by the tea industry over time. Thirty years ago, the owner of our farm was fascinated by Izumi, which has a variety of expressions, and began cultivating it as he saw its potential as a fermented tea.

Enjoy the rich aroma and deep flavor of tea leaves grown in the fertile land and temperature differences.

  • ①Sweetness

    Green tea's sweetness exists as part of the overall flavor balance, rather than directly like sugar. It harmonizes with umami, bitterness, and other flavor components to create the mellow and complex taste characteristic of green tea.

  • ②Astringency

    Astringency is an element that gives tea complexity and depth. This astringency is deeply involved in why tea becomes a luxury item. In addition to astringency and bitterness, other flavor components (such as umami and sweetness) interact to create a multilayered taste.

  • ③Taste

    The umami flavor of green tea comes from theanine, which is one of the umami components and is unique to green tea. It creates a deeply satisfying taste that makes you feel relieved and helps relax your mind and body.

  • ④Fragrance

    There are over 200 types of substances that give tea its aroma, and they vary depending on the type of tea plant, environment, and tea production method. Comparing drinks will make the individual features stand out more. Please find your favorite cup.

  • Misaki ¥1,000

    It is characterized by its mellow, gentle taste and clear, beautiful light blue color.

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  • Hokumei ¥1,000

    Green tea is characterized by its refreshing aroma and strong taste. Recommended for those who like tea with a satisfying and strong flavor.

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  • Okumidori ¥1,000

    A soft taste with a pleasant balance of astringency and sweetness (umami). It's satisfying to drink and enjoys a refreshing aftertaste.

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  • Harumidori ¥1,000

    It has a scent similar to young buds, reminiscent of spring, and is characterized by a low bitterness. It has a soft and gentle taste.

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  • ① Light fermentation

    By retaining the shape of the tea leaves and using ``shallow fermentation,'' we are able to create Japanese black tea with a particular focus on ``fragrance.'' The beautiful golden light blue color and the fragrant, elegant floral scent are impressive. The aroma and body (richness of taste) that deepen with the passage of time are also noteworthy.

  • ② Deeper fermentation

    Black tea that has undergone deep fermentation has a deep body (richness) and a perfect harmony of the three elements of taste, aroma, and light blue color. Especially high-quality black tea is characterized by a rich aroma reminiscent of ripe fruit, and its overwhelming presence enhances your taste buds. The unique flavor created by deep fermentation gives you a sense of the depth of black tea, and you can enjoy its richness with every sip.

Recommended Japanese black tea for each flavor

  • Izumi 1st No.2 Silver Moon

    Lightly fermented, it has a refreshing and sweet citrus aftertaste.
    Enjoy the rich flavor change after it cools down.

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  • Izumi 2nd No.1 June Blossom

    A transparent 2nd drink with an unprecedented fresh fruity taste.

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  • Izumi 2nd No.2 Amber Sunset

    The top note is sweet and fruity, with a soft, rich aroma and a lingering finish.
    It goes well with cream and fruit-based sweets.

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  • Yabukita Seedling 2nd No.2 Honey Bouquet

    The top note is a honey scent. It is characterized by a rich flavor followed by a refreshing aftertaste.
    Honey Bouquet is a masterpiece of 2023 black tea that goes well with baked goods.

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  • Japanese black tea "Izumi" spring picking tea bags 10 pieces

    It is lightly fermented and has a milky texture and refreshing taste, with a sweet citrus aftertaste. Enjoy the change in rich flavor as it cools down.

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  • Stone-roasted Kukihojicha

    Roasted high-quality first-class tea leaves with marble sand. It is roasted all at once using the heat of the marble. When you take a sip, a sweet aroma spreads in your mouth. Please enjoy the gentle taste that melts into your body.

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  • Sashima tea

    This is a tea that can be brewed according to your mood and physical condition that day. If you want it crispier, use slightly hotter water. When you want to relax, use slightly cooled water. It is a tea that gently touches the person who drinks it and the person who wants to drink it.

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If you're confused, this is it

  • Sencha "Fukumidori" stand pack 40g

    It features a scent reminiscent of plump fresh greenery. This variety is suitable for high-quality tea, and you can enjoy its mellow flavor and lingering aftertaste. Please try the 2nd and 3rd brew as well.

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  • Japanese Black Tea - 2023 Izumi 2nd No.2 Amber Sunset

    The top note is sweet and fruity, with a soft, rich aroma and a lingering finish.
    Pairs well with cream and fruit-based sweets.

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  • Sashima tea tea bags 10 pieces

    A special blend of green tea bags.
    The triangular tea bag has large tea leaves, so you can easily enjoy the taste of tea brewed in a teapot.

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  • Matcha brown rice tea 180g

    We use domestically produced brown rice and carefully selected domestically produced matcha. Among our teas, we blend the best green tea for matcha-infused genmaicha. The aroma of fragrant brown rice wafts into the room, making you feel relaxed.

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